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Special Christmas service from My Card

It’s a very merry Christmas with My Card.

Find out how My Card’s special Christmas service could see your town flourish at this special time of year.

My Card blog: Remember the residents

My Card Logo - smart local loyalty programmeThere has been much said about high street regeneration over the last few weeks.

But in all the recent press, Twitter and blog activity I read nothing about the greatest resource any city, town or settlement has – its residents.

My Card blog: Why join the My Card Loyalty Programme?

My Card Logo - smart local loyalty programmeWe are all aware that high street retailers are leaving the traditional centres daily and that we are changing our shopping behaviour at an unprecedented pace.

If we are going to survive and address this we all need to be smart about how we consider our personal and professional behaviour and take this opportunity to steer change to the benefit of local communities.

My Card blog: Rewarded for local loyalty

My Card Logo - smart local loyalty programmeIsn’t it great to have a job that you enjoy and get reward from?

I might as well start my first blog sounding reasonably intelligent with a well known quote from Confucius:

“If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.”

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